It’s been tough but I have waited a long time to tell my story until the right time. On the eve of my 40th birthday, and before I begin my four decades on earth, it is my goal to finally release everything I have held inside. I will be leaving my Health Education Specialist position at Fisk University to follow my dream.

Everyone has a story, now it is time for me to tell mine! These 39 years of life have given a story like no other, and I am eager to share my story.

My book will be 39 chapters, detailing my life.  I will do 13 chapters each on the three major cities that have impacted my life including New York, Nashville and Detroit. I will speak openly and honestly on my struggle with depression, sexuality, and my search for love.  As a lifelong learner, I will write about my past loves, my friendship blessings, and my continual search for purpose of life. 


City highlights include



David Hessie and Lillian, my view on my parents. I am fortunate to have two mothers, yet there is so much more to discuss.

My sisters, Cheryl and Lorrie. I have two older sisters, and they are unique. Each have impacted my life in ways they have no idea

C-O-O-L-E-Y. I went to Thomas. M. Cooley High School in Detroit, Michigan. From the triad program, to being Student Body President, I have many fond memories of the “castle on the corner” I will reveal all.

Thomas. I have held many friendships in my life, but none top Thomas. A true essence of a friend. Thomas will get his own chapter.

new york


Burn, Two Fires within six months, at two different apartments. I will discuss the impact and lasting impact on my life

HIV. I have had to deal with HIV on multiple levels, and this special chapter will reveal more of the virus and me.

Here’s come the groom. I got married in 2005. I will talk about it and how it shaped my view on love.

REAL LOVE. I created a matchmaking business. I will reveal why and how it came to be.

Run for your life. I started running because I was chasing a dream. 8 marathons later, did I find it?

My first love, Part 2. Love comes in different forms. I will talk about this.



PROJECT UNO. U. New Outstanding. It got me to Nashville, now read how it got me to a wicked place in my life.

NSCC I go to school. I will talk more about what made me choose this school and more

Game Shows. I have been on multiple game shows in my years, but “Let’s Make a Deal” changed the game.

Amen. I became a Sunday School Teacher. The story behind it will shock you.

Tennis, anyone. I also started my tennis career in the 615. Learn more about it.

The pimp in the projects. A must-read chapter.