I am David Wyley Long, also known as Romeo Thomas Redwine, and most recently Journey Redwine. I am a man of many names, loves, abilities, strengths and triumphs! But, most of all, I am a man on a mission. I am actively pursuing a life-long dream of becoming a teacher.

I can easily recall the day in my fourth-grade classroom at Winship Elementary in Detroit, Michigan, when Mrs. Rosman asked everyone in the class: "What do you want to be in life?" I pondered this simple question and thought of what I DID NOT want to be. A Lawyer, Cop, Doctor did not appeal to me. However, teaching, learning, and leading called my name from that day. Of course, along that journey, life happens.


I worked as a server for 12 years, then becoming a filing clerk in a Manhattan law firm for 6 years. Then I did a dramatic shift and went back to school in 2006. I went to the Resource Training Group, and obtained a life changing credential. I become a CASAC-T. I was a now a Credential Alcohol Substance Abuse Counselor. I was blessed and challenged with helping people battling addiction, incarceration and life’s social ills.

Becoming a social worker impacted my life on multiple levels. However, the teaching desire continued to burn within in me. I enrolled at Nashville State in the fall of 2015 to pursue a teaching degree.  I am studying Early Childhood Education at Nashville State with an anticipated graduation date of May 8, 2018. With God’s will, I will finally achieve my top desire of becoming a teacher after my next adventure.